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Below is work I have done for my freelance clients. I have been doing graphic design for what seems like my entire life, and I love working with new clients as it brings me a new unique challenge. Please use the contact form below if you are in need of a brochure, logo, banner, invitation, or any other design for yourself or business.

Fiternal Branding

Fiternal Branding

This is branding I did for a local gym in Stevens Point. The owner is well known in the community so we did a graphic of his face as a support icon for the logo.

Inclusa branding

Inclusa Branding

Inclusa is a non-profit organization that helps elderly and disabled people in the community. The direction was to make the logo represent inclusivity. I wanted it to be bright and appealing and fit in the realm of health care branding. I also put together a brand book so they could explain the meaning and functionality of the brand to the organization.

Inclusa Provider Partner newsletter

Inclusa Provider Partner Newsletter

This is a quarterly newsletter that is distributed to provider partners. It's mostly viewed online, but is printed and distributed as well.

Gala For Giving Invitation

St. Michael's Foundation - Gala for Giving

The St. Michael's Foundation has an annual fundraising event called The Gala for Giving. I have supported their design needs for many years and enjoy working on the look every year. This was the invitation, reply card,
and VIP insert.

House Call branding

House Call Logo

With the change in programming in 2020, the St. Michael's Foundation's annual Gala for Giving was turned into a virtual event. With that they wanted a new logo developed for the event, to keep donors engaged.

APA Conference collateral

Payroll Conference Graphics

I was asked by the American Payroll Association to develop graphics for their statewide conference. The conference was being held at the EAA Air Adventure Museum and had an airplane theme. Above you will see the conference binder cover and PowerPoint screen backgrounds for their presentations.

Fiternal print pieces

Fiternal Collateral

These are some workshop flyers and business card developed for Fiternal. The brand for Fiternal keeps everything in black, gray, white and gold, and we like to use interesting typography and hand drawn graphics.

Inclusa print pieces

Inclusa Print Collateral

I provide a variety of print pieces for Inclusa including brochures, ads, flyers, and business cards to name a few.

Inclusa Display Banners

Inclusa Display Banners

These are tradeshow pull-up banners, designed to be vibrant and eye-catching at tradeshows.

Gala for Giving program and auction cards

Gala for Giving Program Collateral

These were some additional print items needed for the Gala. They include a program and bid sheets for the silent auction items.

St. Michael's Foundation newsletter

St. Michael's Foundation Newsletter

The St. Michael's Foundation newsletter is usually sent out three times a year and has become a gate fold, self-mailer. I'm supplied with articles and images and fit them as I can into the layout.

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